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We empower your digital transformation strategy.

We create and implement responsive, scalable cloud applications available from anywhere in the world.

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"The only thing that is constant in life is change"

Heraklit from Efez



We offer well-established agile development processes, the latest software design patterns to help you build cloud business applications safely and quickly.



We research your old applications and infrastructure, and provide detailed guidance on upgrades and upgrades that can help you get the maximum value from your previous investments.



We help you achieve success with any integration initiatives through an integration solution tailored to your specific context, business goals and budget.



We keep you informed about the current status of your applications, providing detailed reports on implementation plans, activities performed and actions, as well as expansion proposals.

  • Microsoft PowerPlatform
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Google AppSheet
Startegia transformacji i chmury

Customized cloud software
tailored to your needs.

Easy to change.

Accessible from anywhere in the world Business Applications are a new challenge for companies.

We advise on the selection of the appropriate technology and architecture stack for your future application, collect security requirements, and develop a roadmap for development.

With the right Business Application Transformation Strategy and proven IT cloud transition strategy, you will increase the flexibility, innovation and competitiveness of your enterprise.


No-Code solutions allow ordinary users to create corporate business applications for internal use using a visual drag-and-drop method, using special development environments approved by the company IT department.


Low-Code solutions enable advanced IT users or technically advanced employees to build corporate business applications using simple coding, and IT-controlled access to the development environment and company data.


Pro-Code solutions allow you to create classic full code that developers use to create advanced business applications in the Micro Services or Monolithic approach and require a more advanced implementation and testing process.


Faster introduction of new application versions, greater reliability, flexibility and competitiveness. Learn how to implement the DevOps methodology and meet new challenges in your company.


Get useful insights by organizing your data with the DataOps methodology so that it is a trusted source of business information in your company and ready to implement AI solutions.


Learn about the modern way of software testing, connecting both the development team and the testing team. The TestOps methodology contributes to increasing the reliability and quality of the cloud application.

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Google Cloud

Hi! I am Krzysztof Majchrzycki.

Krzysztof Majchrzycki

I know IT specialists who will help you technologically develop your company.

For many years I have been working at the interface between business and technology. I have 20 years of experience in the IT industry and a large number of contacts with highly talented engineers, programmers and business experts. I have hands-on experience in the areas of cloud technologies and digital transformation, especially in the areas of the digital workplace, digital marketing and digital commerce.

Currently, as a freelancer, I help small and medium-sized companies change the way they think about digital transformation and cloud computing, especially from the business side. I am convinced that, together with me and other experts, I will be able to help you increase the efficiency and competitiveness of your business.

Privately, father of Zuzia and Gaja. I am a fan of paper books, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and old computers - especially ATARI.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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